Joining in

We would like that moviesoundweb becomes a complete soundtrack list. We can’t create this with ours industrious team. Therefore we are dependent on your assistance. So please help with making moviesoundweb as complete as possible!

For the taking part you must log in or or registering you.

Collect scores!

For many actions on you get points. With more points you also get more rights and you can add e.g. films and soundtracks without control by an admin.
More details will follow.

We are there for you

Questions, Suggestions for improvement, criticism? We look forward to a message of you.

Adding film

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With the button Add movie above to the right you can enter films into the list. Then your film will be checked by an admin and activated.

Adding soundtrack

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After creating a film you can add soundtracks. You must click the bottom “Add Soundtrack” on the page of the film. The added soundtracks also become online after a short check by an admin.

Ins Forum posten

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Questions to soundtracks, interprets or songs? Write it into thf Forum!

Write a comment

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n this way you can write comments and inform other users of your opinion to films, soundtracks and songs.

Giving evaluation

Evaluations help with recognizing popular films and soundtracks.

Announcing error and abuse

If one found one mistake in a film, you can announce the mistake to us. We will correct the mistake immediately. You will find the link above on every film page.